Friday, January 4, 2013

Departing Montpellier for Marne La Vallée - Friday January 4, 2013

Today we depart Montpellier. Before leaving I want to share with you the wonderful transportation in Montpellier: the tram system. There are 4 different tram lines, three of which extend deep into the suburbs. The fourth circles the city. All but the latter stop at the Hotel de Ville where the new Courtyard by Marriott opened in February 2012. All 4 of them stop at the train station (Gare de Roch). These lines are called the Swallows, the Flowers, the Sea and the Sun lines. Here they are:
Tram Swallows, Montpellier, France

Line 1 - The Swallows (Blue)
Tram Flowers, Montpellier, France

Line 2 - The Flowers (Orange)
Tram The sea, Montpellier, France

Line 3 - The Sea (Green)
Tram The Sun, Montpellier, France

Line 4 - The Sun (Black). We thoroughly enjoyed riding the trams. It is an excellent system! Trains are quiet, easy to enter and leave, inexpensive to ride, and constantly available. Only on New Years day did we wait more than 5 minutes for any line.

We are now on a TGV to Marne la Vallee. I hope the weather is as beautiful there as it is here!

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