Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 3 in Paris - Wednesday December 26, 2012

Today we got up rather late but went to the Marmottan Museum which is just 5 metro stops away from kurt hotel. the weather was nice and we thoroughly enjoyed our stroll through the park. Again, pictures were not allowed so I have none here. i should have taken a picture of the museum at least, but didm,t. Many of the Monets are still on exhibit and the downstairs room house a special exhibit of Rubens, Van Dyck and Jordaens. Of course there were many Berthe Morisot's works to be enjoyed and probably 50 or so of Monet's paintings including Impression which gave the name Impressionists to the group of painters in which Monet played a singular role.

After our visit to the Marmottan we took a bus to the opera. This route is especially nice since it provides many delightful views of the Eiffel Tower, the Trocadero, the Grand and Petit Palaces as well as parts of the Champs Elysees.

Well, we were headed for the opera but we passes Printemps first and in we went. We set a meeting time and I went to the nearby Apple store. It was packed.

We took the subway to Abysses, the deepest station on the Metro line. It is at Montmartre.
Apple Store, Paris

We stopped to have an absolutely delicious lunch. I had beef bourguignon that was great. Everyone enjoyed their "diner". We had eaten so much that we decided to HopOn the Yellow line.
Connie on the open Bus

Arnold and I (and Connie for a little while) sat on the open top of the bus.
Gare de Nord from the top of the open bus Paris

Here we are passing Gard de Nord.
Traffic from the open Bus, Paris

Traffic was unbelievable as you can see.
BHV Store, Paris

When we finally got back to the Opera we went shopping again, this time at BHV. BHV is a combination Dillard's department store, Lowes, Office Depot and whatever else you can think of.
Hotel de Ville at Christmas, Paris

It is right across the street from the Hotel de Ville where the skating rink and merry-go-round filled the plaza.
Italian Cafe, Paris

We decided to eat (again) at a delightful Italian cafe. The

rigatoni with gorgonzola was quite good but it did not measure up to the new high standard set in London. I really liked it though.

We gathered ourselves together, caught our subway, and returned to the hotel.

Another wonderful day in Paris!

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