Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 6 in Paris - Saturday December 29, 2012

The day began with Connie not feeling well. We sent Jennifer and Arnold off to Montmartre while Connie went to the drugstore for cold and cough remedies. I caught up on some work, primarily email and grade complaints. I also had to do some additional work to prove that I was capable of teaching technology to teachers since I do not have "an appropriate degree" to teach technology. Or to teach aspiring teachers. Of course the issue seems to be being raised about 33 years late. Oh well. Higher education has perfected its bureaucracy as have the accrediting agencies. Just before they both disappear!

I brought lunch back to Connie and later in the afternoon set out to get tangerines and salt (for gargling). On the way to the store I encountered Arnold and Jennifer returning from their adventures. It seems Jennifer had come down with a bug as well as Connie.

When it came time to leave for the show for which Arnold had purchased tickets - How to be Parisian in One Hour? - we had two bed ridden patients. Arnold and I left them anyway.
How to Become Parisian in One Hour?

When we presented the tickets at the theatre we were informed "These tickets are for last night - Friday night." And so they were. Then it was suggested that we wait to see if there were any no-shows since the show was "Sold Out". We waited. With one minute to go we were seated in what appeared to be the last two seats in the house.

The one man stand up comedy routine was funny and enjoyable. Not great, but enjoyable.
Arnold at Casa Luna

Arnold and I walked from the theatre to Casa Luna where we had a delicious dinner. I had a fantastic leek tart as a starter followed by the wonderful cannelloni that is a special dish of the corsican Casa Luna. Arnold had a fantastic veal stew.

We were greater warmly by Joel, part owner of the restaurant, whom we have come to know from our many visits to Casa Luna. The couple seated next to us seemed surprised that Joel (a friend of theirs as well) was taking such an interest in two Americans and began to chat with us. There were delightful. Mrs. Bernard is a school principal and Mr. Barnard is a retired professor of Education. We had a very enjoyable time discussing all matters of things with the Barnards. They have been to the United States once (New York City and Niagra Falls) and hope to visit again. Mrs. Barnard has visited Corsica several times and enthusiastically recommend we go there for a vacation. The Barnards also gave us recommendations for two relatively inexpensive hotels in Paris. We will make use of that information.

After dinner we walked the equivalent of about three blocks, waited about 5 minutes for our bus, and 30 minutes later walked directly into our hotel from the bus stop on our corner. We missed Connie and Jennifer and they missed a wonderful meal.

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