Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 4 in Paris- Thursday December 27, 2012

Museum Day, or so we thought.

Today we left our hotel by bus. We traveled the scenic route that follower the right bank of the Seine.

Without changing busses we arrived at the Orangerie. The line were incredibly short and soon we were in a very special place. They do not allow pictures of Monet's Water Lilies that make up the two grand oval rooms of the Orangerie, but the Jean Walter-Paul Guillaume collection is especially wonderful on its own. And to top it all, there was a special exhibit of Soutine. Pictures were allowed in the Walter-Guillaume collection so here we go with a very small sample.
Modigliani - Portrait of Paull Guillaume

Modigliani - Portrait of Paul Guillaume
Rousseau, La Noce

Rousseau - La Noce
Modigliani. seated boy

Modigliani - Seated Boy

Picasso - Nu
Picasso, Nu

Matisse - Odalisque
Derain, Nude, La beau model

Derain - La Beau Modele

Utrillo - I don't remember the title of this work

We then went to the d'Orsay.
Crowds waiting to enter the d'Orsay

The lines were so long we opted for lunch at a creperie.

Putting the d'Orsay off until Friday, we created a new plan.
Putting the d'Orsay off until Friday, we created a new plan. Arnold and Jennifer were successful in getting in the Louvre. Connie and I went to Lafayettes where everybody in the world was that afternoon. I sat and had a cup of tea. Connie fought the crowds but quickly gave up. We then searched for the store where we got our crazy poster of a wild French restaurant kitchen. We found one and got a copy for Sharon.
le Navigator Restaurant

We then joined Arnold and Jennifer for a wonderful dinner at Le Navigator. My starter was mussels. It wasn't really a starter since the portion was larger than I have at home for a plat! They were the best mussels I have ever had. I think the trick was that the sauce consisted of cream, spices, and lots of leeks and it had been reduced forever and ever. Fantastic. My veal liver in a wine sauce was also very, very good.

We headed for our hotel, filled with good food and good memories of another day in Paris.

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