Thursday, December 20, 2012

Regensburg to Nuremberg - Tuesday December 18

canal over road and river
We sailed overnight to Nuremberg arriving about 2:00 pm the next afternoon. Much of the trip included the Danube-Main Canal which, at one point., crosses over a road and a river on a bridge. We had a three hour visit in Nuremberg. The first operation was a bus trip around the city focusing on major buildings and landmarks.
Nuremberg Castle
Then we visited the castle which was the only major ancient building that survived the air raids during World War II. Since the British needed the castle as a landmark during night raids over a blacked out city the castle was spared. It was successfully used as an air raid shelter since it contained four soccer field of storage space for beer which worked quite well as protection from bombs that never hit the castle directly.
Durer House
Modern homage to Durer statue
We then walked by Albrecht Durrer's house with a "modern" tribute to him and his work. We then entered the area that was completely obliterated by bombs but now has been restored to its medieval look. You would not know it had been leveled by allied bombs.
Nurenberg statue
The one exception to the bombing raids was the statue in what is now the middle of the town square. It survived because it was encased in concrete and sand.
Nurenberg Christmas market
Next was another Christmas market. This market is the largest in Germany. It will draw slightly over two million visitors this year. I think I had reached the limit of my appreciation for Christmas markets before I reached this final one. Since we had a free coupon for a "gingerbread" cookie, I tried one. It was enormous in size but tasted unlike any gingerbread I have ever tasted. The remainder after two bites (Connie had one) hit the trash immediately. Connie has had a "Nuremberg", a huge bun with three small sausages, which was much better. I had a taste of it and concurred with her positive opinion.
A M A Lyra
After we returned to the ship we packed, had a delightful final meal starring a medallion of excellent lamb, and listed to a great vocal concert by Valerie May, a local singer. Yes, I bought both her CDs.

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