Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 5 in Paris: Friday December 28 - A Loss

Our plan was to get to the d'Orsay before the crowds. We got a later start than we wished. The crowds arrived earlier than we hoped. Connie and I left Arnold and Jennifer who later reported they waited 40 or so minutes before getting in. Connie and I scouted out our afternoon trip to Marriott Village d'Ille de France in Marne la Vallee. We had decided to take suitcases of clothes to leave there until we arrive next week. We did this to avoid having to take everything to Montpellier on Sunday. Too many clothes, too many suitcases.

I thought Connie would be taking her large suitcase to the condo so I wanted to make sure we had escalators enroute. I also wanted to replace my bus map which I had given Arnold. I thought I had replaced the bus map the day before. When I got it out after leaving Arnold and Jennifer at the d'Orsay I discovered that my bus map was not really a bus map. Well, as part of a general map of Paris, there was a small bus map that it would take good light and two magnifying glasses to decipher.

Finally we got to Gare de Lyon to map out our route. After wandering around for quite a while we figured it out and set out for our hotel. We skipped lunch because we were now running quite late.
Marriott Courtyard, Boulogne-Billancourt, France

Back at the Courtyard Marriott in Boulogne-Billancourt, we packed. Then I studied my new bus map and decided to change our route. We had only down staircases and, more importantly, Connie only took a small suitcase to the condo. At one station a young black Frenchman carried my bag down two flights of stairs. Who says the French are not helpful? Not I!

We got to the Marriott Vacation Club, left our luggage and then met Arnold and Jennifer for a nice meal at The Petit Chalet next to the Shakespeare & Co Book Store.

Another interesting day in Paris, Unproductive to a certain degree, but interesting.

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