Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Travel Day - Tuesday December 11, 2012

Some pictures are missing. We are on the boat. Yes, they have Wi-Fi, BUT it is 3-G and it is SLOW. Posts, even though posted, will be slow to be complete with pictures.

A special note. In our taxi from the Budapest airport to the ship we went by a time and temperature sign. At 3:30 pm the temperature was -19 degrees Celsius. That is -2.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Wow! What a change!

Connie Gonser

Pensacola Departure at 6:10 am. Which means we left the hotel at 4:45 am. Here Connie reads before takeoff.

Next stop: Dallas. We spent or 3 hours in Dallas in the American Airlines Club. A welcome oasis from the Christmas travelers. It almost seemed like home with lots of art on the walls!
Art in the American Airlines Club in Dallas

Here John sits in the Raleigh-Durham branch of the University of South Alabama. If there is Wi-Fi there we have a branch office. Grades are the focus here. And will be later on the trip. As long as there is Wi-Fi and the Monday deadline for turning in grades has not arrived!

Six plus hours later we were in London. The University of South Alabama office seems to be closed. Or at least the person in charge has fallen asleep on the job.
John asleep in the London Heathrow A A Club

Now we are our way to Budapest. We were only two and a half hours late in leaving London. Ice. So we waited to be de-iced. We should arrive in Budapest in about an hour. That will be approximately 7:30 am central standard time on Wednesday December 12. Connie remarked that she was rather proud of herself for the stamina she has shown so far. Twenty four hours of continuous travel with visits to four airports and another two or three hours, another airport, and a ship port as well to go before we get to what might be considered our "starting place." Stay tuned!.

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  1. Love the updates Connie & John! I finished grades today so if you need any help meeting the Monday deadline, just let me know. I'm manning the USA - Mobile office. (Tell Connie that pink vest looks great on her!)