Friday, December 14, 2012

Vienna - Friday December 14

Today was our day in Vienna. There were three tour options: vigorous, regular and mild. Connie chose the vigorous tour for us. We moved at such a fast pace that the few times I tried to take a picture the group disappeared before the shutter had shut. I was separated by more than a block only once. Connie came and found me.

Vienna is filled with the palaces of the many Hapsburgs that ruled this part of the world for over 300 years. They intermarried so much that one king had only 10 unique great great great grandparents. (Normally there would be 16 or 2 to the 4th power). So much for keeping the money and power in the family!

John dressed for winter in Vienna.
Our first stop was St. Stephen's Church. Here is John prepared for winter.

When we started the day it was 24 degrees Fahrenheit. Our brisk walk warmed us, however.
Christmas market in Vienna

After visiting one of many Christmas markets,
john with klimt sign
we left the group and went to the Belvedere Museum (at the Belvedere Palace) for the 15th anniversary of Gustav Klimt's birth.

Spectacular! Magnificent. No pictures allowed. It was stunning in every way imaginable. Read a biography, preferably one with his paintings, drawings, and architectural designs. And consider his love life. He is thought to have had some 14 children, but for only 3 children (by two of his models)is his paternity known for sure.

We returned to the boat just before sunset. Here Connie is waiting to escape the cold. A wonderful day of Klimpt and a fast tour of Vienna!

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  1. Dr. Strange, I'm enjoying the blog and the vicarious travel! Thanks for sharing.